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Meaningful Ceremonies

Ceremonies to Include Symbolism and Unique Meaning To Your Wedding Ceremony. Wording and Readings Can Be Changed To Fit Your Needs and Wants.

Parent Recognition -Where Would You Be Without Them? What A Wonderful Way To Thank Them For Their Love & Support! Bride & Groom Presents Them With A Rose Or Gift. Can Also Include Grandparents & Other Special Loved Ones. 

Honoring The Deceased -Bride & Groom Can Incorporate Candles, Roses, A Moment of Silence and/or Photos To Remember Their Precious Loved Ones During Their Special Day. 

Unborn Baby Poem - If The Bride is Pregnant and It Is OK For All To Know, This Is A Beautiful & Unique Way To Recognize and Include The Baby. Whether You Know The Gender or Not, the Poem Can Be Modified To Reflect the Gender. 

Hand Ceremony - A Symbolism of the Hands Working Along Side The Other & Helping To Build A Future Together. 

Unity Candle - Bride & Groom Will Each Have A Lit Taper Candle Representing Their Life and Will Merge Their Flames Together To Light The Unity Candle. 

Sand Ceremony - Bride & Groom (children, parents, etc., too) Pour Colored Sand From Separate Vials Into One. The Symbolism is the Separate Lives Mixing into One and It Would Take An Eternity To Separate. 

Rose Ceremony - Bride & Groom Exchange a Single Rose As Their First Married Gift To One Another. They Are Asked To Recall This Symbol Of Their Love During The Trying Times of Their Life Together. 

Wine Ceremony - Bride & Groom Share A Glass of Wine To Symbolize the Labor, Honor and Love in Their Relationship. They May Also Mix Red & White Wine Together Into One Glass. 

Family Promises - Bride, Groom & Their Child/Children Promise To Love One Another For a Healthy, Happy Future as a New Family. "Love" Tokens May Be Given To The Child/Children Just Like Bride & Groom Exchange Rings. A New Family Blessing Will Be Read After This Ceremony. 

12 Symbols of Life - Each Symbol of Life Represents the Strength and Love That Will Bring Both The Bride and Groom's Families Together. 

Handfasting - A Very Distinctive Way For the Bride & Groom To "Tie" the Knot. Bride & Groom's Hands are Loosely Tied Together With Cords or Soft Ropes. 

Jumping The Broom - Bride & Groom 'Jumps A Broom' To Signify Their "Leap of Faith" in Starting a New Life With Another Person. 

Officiant Includes a Reading & Definition For All Ceremonies Listed Above.

All Items for Ceremonies Are To Be Provided By Bride & Groom.

If You Need More Information on Any Of The Ceremonies, Please Ask!!

Please do not hesitate to talk to me if there is something you want or need that you did not see here on my website. Each and every ceremony is unique and I want to help make your Wedding Day SPECIAL & MEMORABLE! I Look Forward To Hearing From YOU!

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More Testimonials

Dear Michelle ~ Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony! Your organization, professionalism and sense of humor were greatly appreciated - you made everything run so smoothly. We had the best time and we're glad you could be a part of it! We'd be happy to act as a reference for your services anytime. Thanks!

Lisa & Alex R.

 Ms. Baker ~ Thank you so much for your services! The ceremony was perfect & beautiful! I will certainly recommend you, highly! I am so thankful I was able to have such a great day and we both are happy you could share it with us!

Deb & Thomas

 Michelle ~ You did a great job at our wedding! We really felt like it was truly "our" ceremony. Thanks for being a part of our Special Day. Sincerely,

Mr. & Mrs. Klein

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for marrying us. You did a spectacular job! Everyone thought it was truly a "Kim & Jeff" personalized ceremony. Thanks again for saving the day! Love,

Kim & Jeff

I'd like to thank you for a wonderful service! It was exactly as we wanted it; simple, personal, elegant and warm. We loved the fact that you were so flexible in accommodating our wishes and we were grateful for all the ideas you had available to help us prepare for the ceremony. If we had to do it again, we would definitely do it this way and would want your help :)

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks 

You were very professional as well as extremely helpful with ideas to make my wedding day beautiful! Hubby & I were comfortable with you right away. Thanks for helping me choose the perfect location for our day! You performed a lovely ceremony creating a unique and special day for my new husband and me. I highly recommend you to any couple wanting an exceptional wedding! Thank you so much!

Mr. & Mrs. Pointer  

Michelle, thank you for making our special day perfect. We could not have done it without you. As neither Jamie or I belong to a church, we were hard pressed to find someone to perform the ceremony. When we found you, we were amazed right from the beginning and will forever be grateful. It was cold and windy but you made it happen without flaw. Please give our name as a reference to any new couples and we will refer any we meet to you. Again our deepest thanks!

Mr. & Mrs. Hicks

Reverend Baker performed the most beautiful wedding ceremony for us!!! Her sweet and calm presence soothed a very nervous bride & made everything perfect! On our recommendations, she has married another family member already and will shortly be performing another ceremony for a close friend!! She has become our friend and if she performs more marriages in our family, she will be an official family member! Thank you, Michelle, you are the greatest!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Greene

Rev. Michelle ~ We wanted to tell you that we loved the ceremony and have nothing but perfect memories of it. We got compliments from everyone, several saying it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true. Darryl still gets a bit choked up when he tells people about it. The pictures were all perfect, we love them. We are glad it's over but sorry its come to an end. We are so happy to be married and so happy we chose you to marry us! Warmest regards,

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

Rev. Michelle ~ I don't know how to thank you enough. My ceremony was amazing and managed to go off without a hitch! All of the guests commented on the ceremony ~ they were very impressed & loved the words chosen. Thank you for the best day ever!

Mr. & Mrs. Slade

Michelle - I am so happy with the way the ceremony turned out! We couldn't have found a better person to marry us! You did such a wonderful job and really made our day special! We can not thank you enough!

Mr. & Mrs. Sellers

Michelle - Thanks again for all you did. Everything was great and I heard great comments on you and your "performance". You also helped keep me calm before the ceremony. I do appreciate everything.

Mr. & Mrs. Zuffoletto

Michelle~ Thank you soooo very much for all of your help before the wedding and during! Thank you so much for being the special person to marry us on such a WONDERFUL day!! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Thank you again for being part of our special day!

Mr. & Mrs. Hole - Indiana

Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job! We really are happy with the ceremony! We were quite pleased with the work you did and in a respectable time and manner. We did not want to change anything on the ceremony you wrote, it was perfect. Thank you again, we do appreciate all that you did for us on our special day!

Mr. & Mrs. Merritt

Hi Michelle ~ I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a wonderful Officiant and for being flexible and performing our ceremony outside (8 degree weather, brrrr!). We really had a wonderful night. Thanks again!

Mr. & Mrs. A. Swanson

Michelle ~ I can't tell you how much Michael and I enjoyed our wedding. I can't imagine what it would have been like had you not been a part of it. You were so easy to work with and accommodating. Thanks so much again!

Mr. & Mrs. McKee

Michelle ~ I have to thank you for everything. Everyone was very impressed with the ceremony, especially how personalized and heartfelt it was; you presented it so well! Thanks again!

Mrs. Horan

Rev. Michelle, We just wanted to thank you for your time and support during this wonderful occasion for Nel and I. Thanks for the pics; they are great! At least we have something for our day and we are very grateful for that. Again, many thanks to you!

Nelly & Alex

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